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Wed, 24 Jul 2019 04:11:01 GMT
Democratic members of Congress introduced legislation Tuesday to provide additional funding for coal miners suffering from black lung. The bills came as a contingent of Appalachian miners afflicted with the disease lobbied lawmakers for more support. “It doesn’t only take your health. It takes your identity,” Barry Johnson said of the disease. Johnson is a fourth-generation coal miner from Letcher County, Kentucky, who made the trip to Washington with his oxygen tank in tow.
Tue, 23 Jul 2019 22:21:01 GMT
West Virginia lawmakers heard testimony Tuesday from a top Department of Energy official that the federal government is prioritizing building out a petrochemical industry in Appalachia.
Tue, 23 Jul 2019 21:28:00 GMT
The Senate has voted 97-2 to approve a bill that will virtually ensure permanent funding for rescue workers whose work after the Sept. 11 attacks caused health problems. The House passed the bill last month, and President Trump is expected to approve it, ending a years-long ordeal for the victims after concerns that the fund was on the verge of running out of money. "The struggle of nearly two decades to get these brave men and women what they deserve is — hopefully, finally — complete," Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., tweeted after the bill passed . First responder John Feal was photographed crying as he hugged Jon Stewart, the former host of The Daily Show who has been a major advocate for Sept. 11 victims. Feal addressed reporters several minutes later. "Passing this legislation — there's no joy. There's no comfort. Yes, I cried with Jon. But that was to exhale. That was to get 18 years of pain and suffering out," he said. "What I'm going to miss the most about D.C. is nothing." In
Tue, 23 Jul 2019 20:57:29 GMT
House of Delegates Majority Whip Del. Paul Espinosa has been hired as the Public Affairs Manager for the controversial Rockwool insulation plant in Jefferson County. Rockwool made the announcement in a press release Tuesday.
Tue, 23 Jul 2019 19:48:54 GMT
West Virginia lawmakers passed a bill on Tuesday that will give a $12 million tax cut to a struggling coal-fired power plant in Pleasants County.
Tue, 23 Jul 2019 17:06:33 GMT
The Trump administration wants to change the way states determine who qualifies for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, benefits, also known as food stamps. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that 3 million people would lose their food assistance as a result. The administration says it wants to close what it calls a "loophole" that allows states to give benefits to those who would not otherwise be eligible by raising or eliminating income and asset limits. Forty states and Washington, D.C., now take advantage of this option and have done so for many years. "This proposal will not only save money, but more importantly it preserves the integrity of the program while ensuring nutrition assistance programs serve those most in need," Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said in announcing the proposed rule, published in the Federal Register . His agency estimates the change would likely save $2.5 billion a year. But proponents of the current system say it helps low
Tue, 23 Jul 2019 13:25:35 GMT
Pope Francis named Baltimore Auxiliary Bishop Mark Brennan to lead West Virginia’s Catholics on Tuesday following a scandal over the former bishop’s sexual harassment of adults and lavish spending of church money. The 72-year-old Brennan replaces Bishop Michael Bransfield, who resigned in September after a preliminary investigation into allegations of sexual and financial misconduct.
Tue, 23 Jul 2019 12:00:00 GMT
On this West Virginia Morning, a federal district judge last week ordered the release of a government database that tracks the shipments of every single prescription pain pill manufactured in the U.S. In an analysis of that data, reporters at the Charleston Gazette-Mail and The Washington Post found between 2006 and 2012, 76 billion oxycodone and hydrocodone pills were shipped to pharmacies across the country. Three reporters at The Washington Post were responsible for the analysis that shows just how concentrated the epidemic was in Appalachian communities, including database editor Steven Rich. He spoke with 100 Days in Appalachia’s Ashton Marra about the reporting.
Tue, 23 Jul 2019 11:43:01 GMT
Updated at 10 a.m. ET Britain's Conservative Party has chosen Boris Johnson to become the country's next prime minister, replacing the pragmatic and sometimes colorless Theresa May with a bombastic populist who favors a no-deal Brexit. Johnson walked to the lectern inside London's Queen Elizabeth II Centre, thanking his opponent, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, and the outgoing May. "Today at this pivotal moment in our history," Johnson said, "we again have to reconcile two sets of instincts, two noble sets of instincts, between the deep desire for friendship and free trade and mutual support and security and defense between Britain and our European partners, and the simultaneous desire, equally deep and heartfelt, for democratic self-government in this country." British Conservative Party politician Cheryl Gillan announced the party's election result after the Tories' chairman, Brandon Lewis, urged unity. Members of the party overwhelmingly chose Johnson — a former journalist, foreign
Mon, 22 Jul 2019 23:13:11 GMT
Members of the West Virginia Legislature heard testimony Monday in support of reviving policy solutions to address the state’s growing number of abandoned and unplugged natural gas wells.
Mon, 22 Jul 2019 22:27:48 GMT
For many, summer is often associated with camp and quintessential camp activities like swimming, making s’mores and telling ghost stories. Last week, a group of nine students in Pocahontas County took telling ghost stories a step further, by learning how to make short, animated films at Monster Movie Camp.
Mon, 22 Jul 2019 22:23:40 GMT
The West Virginia Legislature has passed three bills that would provide additional funding for education. The measures were outlined in a controversial education omnibus approved in June .
Mon, 22 Jul 2019 18:53:33 GMT
Dozens of Appalachian coal miners plan to visit Capitol Hill Tuesday to ask lawmakers to bolster funding for the black lung disability trust fund, which miners depend upon when no responsible company can be identified to pay for needed health care.
Mon, 22 Jul 2019 18:10:37 GMT
Charles Glover doesn’t mince words when assessing Clarksburg, West Virginia, the town where he was raised and still lives today. “It’s not Clarksburg anymore,” Glover says. “It’s Methburg.” Methburg. As in methamphetamines, a drug that ravaged his community more than a decade ago and today is coming back just as strong.
Mon, 22 Jul 2019 16:42:00 GMT
Update at 6:22 p.m. ET President Trump announced an agreement on a two-year budget deal and debt-ceiling increase. The deal would raise the debt ceiling past the 2020 elections and set $1.3 trillion for defense and domestic spending over the next two years. Congressional sources briefed on the deal said it would suspend the debt limit until July 31, 2021, and include parity in spending increases for defense and domestic programs. It would include about $77 billion in offsets for those spending increases. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a joint statement that the deal "will enhance our national security and invest in middle class priorities that advance the health, financial security and well-being of the American people." Pelosi said the House would move quickly to send the legislation to Trump to sign "as soon as possible." Up until Trump's tweet, there had been a lot of mixed signals coming out of the White House. Trump made some vague, but
Mon, 22 Jul 2019 12:00:00 GMT
On this West Virginia Morning, we hear a segment from part two of a series that explores de-industrialization in West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle. Ella Jennings, a native of the region, produced a podcast series called What Happened to Weirton. Her second episode, titled “He Could See Everything Folding”, looks at some of the social and emotional consequences that come with losing a major industry.
Sun, 21 Jul 2019 00:53:25 GMT
A federal bankruptcy judge has approved a second limited loan package for ailing coal company Blackjewel LLC. During an emergency hearing Friday afternoon, lawyers representing Blackjewel told U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of West Virginia Judge Frank Volk the $2.9 million financing package, which includes only $900,000 in new money, would be used as a “bridge” to try and shore up the company as it prepares to sell its mines.
Sat, 20 Jul 2019 12:47:00 GMT
A little over three months after Paris' Notre Dame caught fire, French officials say the cathedral is still in a precarious state and needs to be stabilized. Ultimately, they aim to restore the monument, a process that will take years. When that work begins, there will be a new demand for experts who have the same skills required to build Notre Dame 900 years ago. In the workshops of the Hector Guimard high school, less than three miles from the cathedral, young stone carvers are training for that task. In an airy and light-filled workshop in the north of Paris, a handful of students chip and chisel away at heavy slabs of stone. Each works on his or her own piece, but all are sculpting the same project: the base of a Corinthian column. The students are earning a professional degree to hew the stone pieces needed to maintain and restore France's historical monuments. Scaffolding is seen during preliminary work on top of the Notre Dame cathedral three months after a major fire in Paris.
Fri, 19 Jul 2019 22:46:51 GMT
Following an investigation into a West Virginia bishop for sexual and financial misconduct, the Vatican has banned him from public ministry and handed down other sanctions. According to a letter from the pope’s diplomatic mission to the United States, former Bishop Michael Bransfield has been banned from presiding over or participating in public worship.
Fri, 19 Jul 2019 17:39:34 GMT
This story was updated on 7/22/19 at 4 p.m. EST. New research published this week finds communities across the county, including in West Virginia, can expect weeks of dangerously hot days in the coming decades if action to reduce global heat-trapping pollution isn’t taken.

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